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SWFL Market Projections- Home Values Expected to Increase


In case you haven’t heard, the housing market in SWFL is hot!! According to the Local Monitor Market Report, Southwest Florida home values are expected to soar in the next 3 years. Naples’ home values are projected to rise faster than any other area in the state; they are predicted to increase 41 percent in the next few years.

The Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, and Cape Coral area also have a high prediction that their home values will increase over 25% in the next 3 years. Florida has a whole is set to have their home values increase, yet other  areas such as in Northern Florida don’t see such a high prediction that Southwest Florida has. For example, Tallahassee, the state capital, had a projection of increasing 16%.

This is great news for SWFL homeowners and future buyers because the experts have ranked buying a home here as a very low risk investment. One of the biggest reasons the market in SWFL seems to have a positive outlook is because of job growth. Real estate and job growth seem to go hand in hand, and jobs in SWFL have increased by 4 percent in the last year.

Sure, everything is merely predictions and based off market reports, so there is no guarantee your home value will go up 41 percent, but this sure is good news for the SWFL real estate market.

To see the full report, click here:

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